Having straight teeth and a perfect bite is very important in living a healthy and enjoyable life. While most people think that braces is only about appearance and attractiveness, Dr. Park and our team at Mission Grove Dentistry know that it goes much deeper than that. Orthodontic treatment benefits include:

  • Improved general health of the teeth and gums
  • Healthy chewing and speech functions
  • Increased self-image and confidence


What makes us stand out from other orthodontists is our passion and perfectionism!

We are passionate about our work, our patients, and orthodontics in general. Most orthodontists can give you straight teeth, but your treatment in our office is not just about the teeth. We want you to have the best results and a great experience during the course of your treatment at each visit.

Dr. Park is such a perfectionist! She likes to analyze the teeth, bite, and the facial features of each patient to decide on the best treatment plan. She takes her time with each patient, performing meticulous adjustments at each visit and enjoying time spent with each patient. When you become a part of our office family, we want you to truly feel at home.


Orthodontic treatment, whether with traditional metal braces, clear braces, or Invisalign®, is a slow process due to the fact that the teeth need to be moved while the bone around them is remodeled. Moving teeth too quickly or without proper planning can result in damage to the teeth and/or surrounding bone structure.


Your treatment time depends on the amount of tooth movement necessary, your biology and cooperation with treatment. The average length of orthodontic treatment is around 12 to 36 months, though it can range from six months to several years depending on the case and patient cooperation.

At Mission Grove Dentistry, we utilize the latest techniques and state of the art appliances to achieve the ideal results in the shortest possible time..

After your initial appointments and getting braces or Invisalign aligners, you’ll need to come in every four to six weeks for check-up appointments and adjustments